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Manicure Care
Using well-known Gehwol and OPI Nail Polish products.
  • 1 Hour at Rp 429.000 ++/person
Pedicure Care
Keep your feet looking pretty and nails trimmed.
  • 1 Hour at Rp 429.000 ++/person
Express Manicure or Pedicure
Get your nails pretty and shiny less than an hour.
  • 45 minutes at Rp 364.000 ++/person
Nail Polishing or Painting Art
Make up your nails with beautiful colors and artistic pattern.
  • 30 Minutes at Rp 130.000 ++/person
Manicure Pedicure
Terms & Conditions
  • Promo Book Direct 40% OFF or Early Bird Spa 50% OFF is applicable for selected treatments in Manicure - Pedicure category.
  • Discount or price displayed is valid for direct booking through official website of Lagoon Spa Seminyak, email, or via phone only. No 3rd party agency booking.
  • All promotional offers apply separately and cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.
  • Prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Please check regularly and confirm accordingly to secure your booking.
  • It is recommended to book at least one day in advance. Please call us directly to check availability for last minute booking.

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luxury spa award 2017
luxury spa award 2017
Lagoon Spa Seminyak

Menicure Pedicure

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